Sunday, June 22, 2014

Don't save the world without proper safety procedures

Apparently good old fashioned values aren't enough for the mothers of America these days. That's right, Captain America - you know, one of the dudes who saved our butts from the giant monsters coming out of a hole in the sky - is under fire from a group of mommy bloggers. It seems that he shouldn't be seen escaping from buildings that are EXPLODING because it will encourage the children of America likewise? I don't even know.

Life and Style should be ashamed of themselves for drawing further attention to this clickbait-y insanity. And don't even get me started on that discussion of his uniform. What do they want him to do? Save the world in jeans and a hoodie? Yeah, I'm sure Cap will get right on that...

Transcript under the cut

American Moms: Cap's a Bad Influence!

A group of online moms has branded Captain America a dangerous influence on our youth
He’s saved the world on more than one occasion, but it’s not his superheroics that have caught the attention of one group of mothers!

Stateside Moms, an online community of US mothers, has publicly renounced its support of Captain America as a role model for the children of America, citing repeated examples of recklessness as the influence on their decision.

Our kids need a role model who demonstrates a safe and sensible approach to life, not a man who regularly jumps from exploding buildings,” Stateside Moms spokeswoman Greta MacHubert stated recently in a blog post.

And it’s not just a few outspoken individuals who are supporting the backlash against our most patriotic hero! The original blog post by Mrs MacHubert has gone viral, and has now been shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter by more than one hundred thousand people, most of whom are voicing their vocal support.

One conversation on the Stateside Moms message board takes particular issue with Captain Rogers’ skintight uniform, with one mother saying “it is an affront to common decency”. His repeated use of a motorcycle without a helmet is also mentioned often, and has prompted an online petition, requesting helmets be made compulsory in all fifty US states.

Will our stars and stripes clad hero bow to public pressure, or will the extreme heroics continue as usual?

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