Friday, June 27, 2014

Why should I care about Cap's love life?

Okay seriously, I saw yet another tabloid talking about "who's Captain America dating??!?!" when I was at the grocery store.  I thought we'd start to get away from those after all the noise about the attack on New York had died down a bit.  Of course, who am I kidding, there will always be gossip like that, just.

I am SOOOOO sick of the "who's dating who" scene.  Everywhere, really, in music and movies and these superheroes (yes, I'm calling them superheroes, fight me!) and I'm just so SICK of it.

WHO CARES????????

Is it somehow relevant to ANYBODY'S life but the people involved if Cap is dating Tony Stark?  Or Natalie Rushman?  Or Thor, or Hawkeye, or whoever the hell they're saying he's dating now?  Maybe I'm just weird for not caring, but it irritates me that this is considered okay to write NEWS ARTICLES about.

Bluh, whatever.  I don't have any ~deep insights~ or anything, I just got pissy and had to vent about it.

Transcript below the cut

HE’S BEEN VOTED ONE OF THE SEXIEST men in America, and it looks like Captain America Steve Rogers is finally making the most of his exceptional good looks, by leaping in to the dating pool!

These candid snaps show our sexiest soldier out first with a gorgeous brunette, catching up for a drink in a Brooklyn bar, then on the streets of Queens with a mystery blonde the following day.

Eyewitnesses in the bar claim Captain Rogers acted very familiar with the dark-haired beauty, going as far to say there was clearly a history between the two. After two bourbons for the lady, and soda for sober driver Cap, they left the bar, but weren’t spotted again that evening. We don’t blame her if she let him take her home!

But wait! Barely twelve hours later, a lucky local saw Cap leaving a bodega in Queens with a different woman, this time a girl-next-door type blonde. The woman, who the photographer heard referred to as ‘Carter’, appeared nonplussed by her attractive escort, remaining impassive even as he placed his hand on her back.

Hearts around US Weekly’s office are both breaking and fluttering, as our lovely ladies realise that while Cap may be taken, does this mean a regular girl might have a chance with a national icon? We sure hope so!
We hope one of these ladies spills the beans on Cap in the bedroom, we’re dying to know if he wears patriotic underwear beneath that skin-tight stars and stripes spandex!

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