Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The best Forbes cover ever?

Pepper Potts has been on the cover of Forbes a couple of times, but I still think this one's the best.
I've seen some criticism of the cover, mostly in regards to the way Forbes points out that Potts was once a personal assistant, but I think rather than being belittling, it's demonstrating how anyone can go far given the right business acumen.

Stark Industries has become the biggest tech firm in the world since Potts took over. The news of her appointment was greeted with derision and gossip, and I can only imagine the vindication she now feels over her detractors. If you really have a good read over news reports about Stark Industries over the past decade, I think it's pretty clear that this amazing woman did most of the work anyway. Can you really imagine Tony Stark showing up to board meetings on time? I mean, the guys a genius, but come on.


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