Thursday, July 10, 2014

The History Channel conspiracy theories have started

Did anyone else catch this on the History Channel when it aired? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Overall, I thought it was typical far-fetched history channel fare. The whole bit about Captain America being a clone built in a secret satellite laboratory in a 'pocket dimension' was probably the bit that pushed me over the edge.

Tell us about the moments that got you thinking/laughing/eyerolling in the comments!


  1. We know this "Thor" isn't really an alien, he's probably a test-type for a new breed of super-soldier (like Captain America) with some new Stark(tm) technology in that hammer of his.

    1. It was never actually proven that this guy wasn't an alien. Plus, there is no way that even Stark tech could conjure like that out of the sky (wind and all).
      So here's my theory- what if he's the actual Thor from the old age lores? It's certainly possible and so far nothing is disproving this. He's got the weird clothing, the hammer, the lightning, and this dude can fly on his own without any visible robotics helping him.

  2. Really, I think that a lot of this stuff is just people unwilling to believe that the world is changing in ways we never imagined could be possible. They have to comfort themselves with stories that, in some cases I think, are even more fantastic than the truth.

  3. I'm just glad they didn't go with the "Black Widow is only on the team to appease the feminists" theory. That one got old, FAST.