Saturday, July 5, 2014

War Machine James Rhodes steps into the limelight

My dad loves planes. I mean he loves planes. Some people look at porn on the internet, my dad spends hours looking at aircrafts. He spends hundreds of dollars every year importing magazines like this one, so that he can look at his aircraft porn anywhere he goes. I dug up this copy of Combat Aircraft Monthly in one of the teetering stacks in his office.

Sadly, the article doesn't talk much about James Rhodes himself, but the US Military seemed pretty open about what they're doing with the technology. From what I can gather, they're not managing to get much out of the original creator, but there are a few mentions in there about their own team of engineers, and also the input Rhodes has into the design (he's a rocket scientist too, did you know?). Apparently the suit is very specific to the body shape and size it will fit, and not just anyone can jump in the suit and go!

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