Friday, September 26, 2014

Greenwich, almost one year on

I'm in London at the moment, and I figured I'd take a little trip down to Greenwich and see what the what is after last year's Thor-tastic alien battle outside the Royal Naval College. In case you've forgotten what went down, here's a little reminder from The Guardian:

Honestly, I wouldn't have thought it was possible for anyone to forget a giant alien ship appearing in the Thames, smashing its way into the centre square of the Academy, and then Thor doing his thing. I mean, it was ALL OVER social media thanks to all the civilians around. But at the College, that seems to be exactly what they've done.

The repairs to the grounds and building seem to have been completed at lightning speed - it was less than a year ago, but there are only minor signs of damage remaining. One wonders whether some kind of magical Asgardian force was involved, because based on the speed with which the builders at my brother's flat are working, the repairs were NOT conducted by British builders...

See? You'd never know anything had happened.

Where there are ongoing discussions in New York about the best way to memorialise the Battle of New York and those who died, in London it seems like it's going to be a case of out of sight, out of mind. Maybe it's because Greenwich is a World Heritage Listed site and they're trying to maintain its historical integrity, but it DOES seem a little weird to have nothing there referencing last year's events.

But who knows. Maybe it's all still in the planning stages behind closed doors, and there'll be a statue of Thor, hammer raised, joining the statue of George II sometime soon. Which, personally? Would be all kinds of amazing...

Transcript below the cut


BRITAIN IS counting the costs, after an alien force’s attempted invasion of London caused massive damage to historic buildings in Greenwich, as well as various other buildings around the city.
Emergency responders could not effectively subdue to the unfamiliar troops, and were instructed to stay clear of the battle.

While soldiers and police stood by, Thor engaged with the extraterrestrial leader, eventually defeating him with the help of American scientists, whose device caused the enemy to disappear.
Bystanders report witnessing Doctor Eric Selvig - whose recent bizarre antics at Stonehenge saw him admitted to a mental health facility - assisting the Americans, with one witness claiming the astrophysicist seemed in sound mind.

Social media has been awash with footage from the battle. Video networking site Youtube has reported a three hundred percent increase on visits to its main page since yesterday afternoon. CEO Salar Kamangar insists that the site is prepared for such increases in traffic, saying “After New York, we have made redundancies for such high traffic events.”

Little is known about the extraterrestrials, although photos and footage show them dressed in armour and masks. Some experts have suggested they may be Asgardian in origin, although no confirmation continued on page 2
HOLLIE ABERNATHY QUESTIONS HAVE been raised about the conspicuous absence of S.H.I.E.L.D. during yesterday’s events, in particular, the lack of involvement from The Avengers.
Commentators are debating the potential for reduced damages, had the superhero team been in attendance.

Although some experts have suggested that The Hulk may have increased the clean-up costs, most are in agreement continued on page 3


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