Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pepper Potts for NY Mag

I'm trying to find a decent copy of the article that goes with this New York cover, because of reasons. Most of which involve the fact that the entire article mentions Tony Stark a grand total of once. Vaguely and in passing.

A majority of the piece talks about Potts' life before Stark Industries, her philanthropic ventures, and the usual interview fodder of what she does when she's not running a Fortune 500. It's a great piece, and it's so refreshing to see the media finally portraying her as her own person.

I had to read it online thanks to being in a country where you can't get New York mag, but if anyone has a copy handy I would LOVE it if you could link me.

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  1. If several paparazzi sources are reporting similar stories, you can safely conclude that there is some fire (authenticity) to the smoke.
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