Kim, Kirsti, and Kate commentate on the media's reaction to superheroes! This can only go well.


The story so far...

In March of 2013, I was feeling icky about the way celebrities are portrayed in mainstream media, but in particular, tabloids. My reaction to this, was mucking about in Photoshop to create a fake US Weekly article, reacting to the Battle of New York - the epic disasterfest that was the final act of Marvel's The Avengers. I posted this on tumblr under a new blog name (mostly because I wasn't sure if people would get the joke), and left it for a while.

Cut to more than a year later, and the blog went from being part satire, to part fanservice, part epic experiment in fan art and fan meta.  Throughout this time, MediAvengers was hosted on tumblr, the sharing platform that is overwhelming in its ability to make blogs go from naught to a thousand followers overnight. Interest grew. People began requesting their favourite characters, other websites got interested and shared the link, there were even a few who were fooled by an article or two. All the while, I was trying to respond to as many of these requests or comments as possible, which unfortunately, is where I realised that tumblr isn't perhaps the best environment for me. After a few months of wrestling with the idea, I decided it was time to move the primary MediAvengers site to a place where the discussion is more controlled, and the interface more adaptable.

MediAvengers core concept, is exploring how the media in the universe created by Marvel Studios, would react to the advent of superheroes in the modern day. It is contemporary to our own newsmedia, and set only in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Avengers etc). The primary focus characters were initially The Avengers team as seen in the film, but this has grown to include periphery characters, and those from the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (which exists in the same universe).

On the whole, this blog aims to stay as true to the source material as possible, and aims to fit within the existing canon. Some of the posts are satirical, others are fully fleshed out articles, more serious looks at characters, or the political climate of the universe. Any science is, and will always be Bad Movie Science.

Here at its new home, MediAvengers is starting fresh. If you have the same expectations of this blog as you do the mainstream newsmedia, please be aware that you may not see as much diversity as you may like. This blog is set in a fixed universe, and is predominantly about the core team of Avengers, a group of white dudes, and one white lady. You may also see some posts that make you uncomfortable, or even angry. If any of these things concern you, then please leave now.

MediAvengers, while utilising real world publications, has no affiliation to Marvel or any of the commercial properties spoofed. No money is made from this blog. I do not use this blog to advertise anything I may profit from in any way.